Virtual Private Server

With us you are at the right address for powerful virtual servers for all your website and applications. Let us know what your wishes are and we will start working for you!



/Per month

1 CPU Core

1 GB RAM memory

50 GB Storage

Unlimited data traffic



/Per month

1 CPU Core

2 GB RAM memory

100 GB Storage

Unlimited data traffic



/Per maand

3 CPU Core

4 GB RAM memory

200 GB Storage

Unlimited data traffic

* The unlimited data traffic is under the policy of a Fair Use Policy. This means that in principle you have unlimited data traffic
However, if your data traffic is excessively high, we can intervene. You will receive an e-mail from us with more information, so that you can take measures on time.
Automatic backups
KVM virtualization
Multiple IP addresses possible
high-speed SSD storage
Lightning fast Intel Xeon processors
Adult allowed
Hosted in Amsterdam
Monthly terminable
Reverse DNS included

Available extra options

There are always more options that you can use. Would you like to know which options are available or do you want to purchase additional options? Then you can see below which prices we use. For more information, please contact us and the questions will be answered quickly.

+ 1 CPU core
€ 5,- p.m.

+ 1024 MB RAM
€ 7,50 p.m.

+ 100 GB SSD
€ 7,50 p.m.

+ 1 IPv4 address
€ 2,- p.m.

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